Monday, June 2, 2008

Wow - what a weekend! I went to a great parenting seminar on Saturday which I will share more with you about later and then left for Indiana to return home last night. Our friends had a daughter graduate from high school, a son graduate from 8th grade and a daughter turn 13 so we went to celebrate with them and had a great time. They recently began attending a new church and we went with them yesterday for our first time. It was an amazing experience! The church was called "Church Alive" and was a group of people who where hungry for more of God. There was such a sense of freedom to worship and God's presence was apparent. It was a great revival for me.
Many things that were said impacted me, but there is one thing imparticular that I want to share with you today:
Have you heard the stories or seen the movies about people who have been in plane crashes in below freezing climates and eventually, the survivors eat the frozen bodies to stay alive?
When someone is held underwater they will claw, kick, bite or anthing else to get above water to get air
What these two stories have in common is that when you desperately hunger something, you do things that you would never do otherwise.

Do you desperately hunger for God - for more of God?

Is your life filled with doing things that you would never normally do because you want more of God so badly?

Are you willing to risk looking ridiculous in the sight of others? Are you willing to be ridiculed and mocked? Are you willing to be called a "Jesus freak" or "Bible beater"?

Do you really want more of God?

If you answered yes, then show Him


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