Friday, June 13, 2008

God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good. I praise God for allowing me to tell others about what amazing things He has done in my life. I regret saying no to Him for so many years because I was too afraid. I can see now what I've been missing out on. I will no longer allow fear to guide any part of my life.

God spoke the words to the high school students I talked with last night. What a great group of young people! I pray that their hearts were touched by God.

I have shared with you about the medical issues of my gramps. We have been stumped for months as doctors search for a reason for his paralysis. They have finally concluded that cancer has spread throughout his body and is attacking his spine. I have wanted an answer and now I have one - just not what I was hoping for. I will thank God that He is in control and ask that you pray for our family as we endure difficult times.

Enough about me - I would like to encourage you to remember something today:
There is no high or pleasure in this world that compares with the Most High. Don't sell yourself short by looking elsewhere for what you need - He's right in front of you

Have a great day and weekend

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much2ponder said...

Thanks for the reminder! I pray your family will feel the comfort of the Lord with His arms wrapped around you throughout your difficult time with your grandpa, but most of all I pray the Lord comfort him; that His Love and Mercy in great measure, will far outweigh any pain and suffering that may come.