Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our daughter is in the midst of a 3 day, 12 game, basketball tournament. Basketball is her passion and oh does it make her daddy proud. When she was a baby, he emptied the few baby dolls I had placed in her crib and replaced them with basketballs and baseballs. During the season, he and her would sit and watch basketball together from infancy. It's no wonder it's her passion after all these years of brain washing!

I will be leaving this morning to watch her games for the next two days, and then coming home long enough to pack up and head out again. I then am going to Charlotte NC for the She Speaks Conference. It's something I have looked forward to ever since I got back last year. It was a life changing experience and I know I will come back changed once again. God is faithful and will show us more of Him if we would just seek Him.

I will be flying for the first time and am so excited to see God's faithfulness in another aspect of my life. For many years I let fear guide my life, but I will no longer fear. I will only trust in the One who is trustworthy.

I pray that not only will I be blessed by this conference but that I may be a blessing to others that I come in contact with this weekend.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again, it may not be until I return.

Have a great day living in expectation of great blessings from our sweet Lord and Savior

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much2ponder said...

Ahhh, Christy. I did not fly until I was 37 years old for the same reason. I was afraid, but then when I decided seeing my cousin who was dying of cancer was more important, I was able to trust it to God. I have to admit. I was still afraid so I made my husband fly too. Once we got above the clouds...it was wonderful. I have not experienced anything like that first time popping up through a cloudy sky into a world of BLUE. It was amazing. I pray your first time flying will be just as amazing as mine. I love to fly now. God is good!