Tuesday, July 26, 2011


How pathetic is it that I haven't posted since last year??!! Man time sure flies! Trying to keep up as a full-time mom, wife, employee, student, and mentor is HARD!! Sorry, blogger just had to get erased from the list! Maybe, just maybe, I can add blogger back when I GRADUATE next month! Yes, that is what I said - I have two more weeks of class and I'm done! YEAH! I wondered if it would ever happen, but I think I can make it! :)
We have experienced an amazing adoption story through our friends the Ucherek's and now our friends the Duncan's are adopting! We are so excited so I wanted to share their blog with you so that you can be encouraged by their journey. Check out www.itsalwaysbeenindia.blogspot.com

Hope to blog with you soon!!