Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey my bloggy friends! I had to take a minute to share something that I learned last week - something that I hadn't thought about before - something that made me realize even more how powerful our God is and that His Word is exactly how He wants it to be.

First, let me ask you a question - if you were starting a church, would you begin by setting up a plan of policies for the church to function or would you share the doctrine of the Holy Word first and then figure out the policies?

As we look at the letter's that Paul wrote, the growth of the church is based on right teaching over policy.

Paul teaches about doctrine in all of his first letters and then talks about church leaders and policy in Timothy and Titus at the end of his life. Obviously, the most important information in causing the church to grow was the doctrine!

Hope this can be a great reminder to all of us to always put doctrine over policy!

Thank you Pastor Dick!! :)

Living fearlessly in Christ