Friday, June 27, 2008

I wanted to share a really great conversation I had with my 12 year old daughter. She loves kids and helps alot over the summer months with my daycare children.

Daughter: Mom, these kids are driving me crazy today!

Me: Why?

Daughter: I have played and played with them but they always whine and cry for more! We have already played 3 board games and when I told them that we weren't playing any more, they whine and cry. Their whining is driving me crazy!

Me: I'm so glad!

Daughter: (puzzled and disgusted look) What?!

Me: Now you know exactly how I feel when you are given so much and still want more and then when you don't get your own way, the whining begins.
Maybe God is trying to teach you how I feel when you act like these children

Daughter: (stomps off in a huff)

God is so good! He is always available to teach us what He wants us to learn. I can't say that I shouldn't have learned the same lesson. I struggle with wanting what I want and wanting it right now. I have even went to God with my whinings over what I want or think I need. My first step in trying to overcome this obstacle is to think often about all the wonderful things God has blessed me with. By having a thankful attitude, I am less likely to focus on what I don't have. This does help, but I continue to struggle with my selfishness. What tips do you have on how to be more content?

Have a great day

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much2ponder said...

I guess I don't have any tips for you. I know that we are not supposed to be content though. We are supposed to try and let God fill all our needs. The fact that we feel we need or want something is a reminder of the fact that we need more of him. We all struggle with this. It's so hard to un-program our minds, but I have to hope it is possible, otherwise I would give up. Good post. CUTE!