Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I popped over to Lysa Terkeurst's (President of Proverbs 31 Ministries) blog today and wanted to share one of her God experiences at She Speaks

She Sees
The gals at P31 often joke that one of the main reasons we do She Speaks isn't for a "she" at all. There is a man that works for the hotel that we've all grown to love. He used to be employed by another hotel where She Speaks was held. Then when he moved, we moved.We'll call him Tom.Tom keeps up with us all year and will often ask us to pray for him.So, it was no surprise this year that when our staff started experiencing spiritual attack before the conference, so did Tom. The day before She Speaks, Tom went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. While there, the dentist informed him that he had a hole in one of his teeth which would require an emergency root canal ASAP.Tom called LeAnn, our executive director, and told her about the situation. He would schedule his root canal around our conference. Hello customer service. Hello caring about us in ways that most companies can't even fathom these days.LeAnn told him to go ahead and get his root canal done right away even if it meant he'd miss the first day of She Speaks. He came back to the hotel to take care of a few things and ran into a bunch of us P31 gals before heading to the dentist. He told us about having to leave for the root canal and how he knew it was what us Christian women would call "attack."Well, Luann, our prayer room coordinator, would not let Tom leave until we prayed over him. She laid hands on that man and called on God to heal him. I mean she flat out called out for HEALING! Of a tooth! With a hole. That the dentist had just stuck an instrument in and confirmed the existence of with X-Rays.I was nervous.I knew God could heal Tom's tooth. But what if He didn't? Would this somehow negate all the spiritual investments we'd been making in Tom's life? The next day, Tom walked into She Speaks beaming. He'd gone to the dentist, gotten prepped for the root canal, and then when the procedure was about to begin the dentist started apologizing profusely.He couldn't find the hole. He couldn't find anything wrong with Tom's tooth at all. NOTHING!!!Tom shared his story of answered prayer with the hotel staff.The rest of the She Speaks weekend, our prayer room was not just filled with women from the conference. It was also filled with hotel employees as well.Do we do She Speaks for women?Absolutely.But can God take any situation and use it in the most unlikely ways to draw people to himself? You bet.Today, I'm going to challenge myself to stop looking at employees of the businesses I frequent as fixtures of the store. Rather I want to see them as people... real people...with real needs... who my REAL God dearly loves. God, help us all see more clearly.

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