Monday, August 3, 2009

Matthew 18:1-6 talks about the disciples discussing who gets to be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus tells them that it is he who humbles himself like a child that is the greatest.

This is what Jesus tells us but it is definitely not what the world tells us. The world says "it's all about me and where I can get". Yesterday, I was telling someone about some of our remodeling decisions and they asked "when do you get your way"? They wondered why I have become a person who puts their own feelings and desires aside for the sake of others. They wanted me to stand up for me and get what I want and not worry about what others want. Now, this bait could have been easily taken by me. I have a hard enough time controlling my selfishness without the pushing of others added on. I could have allowed myself to agree and begin pushing for my own way but I chose to remember who God wants me to be and be at peace with my submission. I'm not telling you this to brag about a good decision I made but to remind you that the advice of others may sound good to our egos but that does not mean that it is godly advice. Remember the song, oh be careful little ears what you hear - and then be careful what you allow your mind to think about what those ears hear!

I had another amazing weekend! One of my neighbors had a luncheon for me on Saturday for the purpose to get acquainted with the neighborhood women. I thought this was a wonderful gesture in itself but the table was beautiful with fine china, flowers and candles and then we had a delicious 5 course meal filled with great conversation. WOW! I felt like a princess! It really made me think about how I could be doing things to make others feel special.

My brothers and sisters and I got our pictures taken for our mom's birthday. It was so cool for us all to be able to get together at one time on Saturday for pictures and then again on Sunday to give them to mom. This rarely happens so we soaked up every minute of it! What a sweet blessing to us all!

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