Monday, August 10, 2009

We're back from our weekend camping trip and did we have a great time! This was a picture that Mike took while I had to run into town, see how much my kiddos miss me while I'm gone?! :)
Mike had the opportunity to go kayaking for the first time. He wasn't quite sure about the whole thing since he is used to our canoe which isn't nearly as tipsy. He completed his mission to try something new, but isn't too sure he'll be doing it again.
Our friends bravely tent camped next to us in the humidity and heat. I think that's why their deliriously happy.
Here's me, just rolled out of bed, first thing in the morning and ready to start my day. Who says you can't start your day out with a smile? (Only because I got up at 8 instead of 5!) :)
Even Cooper got in on the fun and sun

I completed my first week of searching for a new job. I got a 2 weeks notice from one of my two daycare families who has found a new sitter, so I need to have a new job in 2 weeks. I sent out resumes and filled out and returned applications so the waiting game now begins. I will continue to search and patiently wait on my Lord to put me exactly where He wants me. I would really appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
Living fearlessly in Christ

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