Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I sit, once again, in amazement of the faithfulness of our God. As my concern about getting a new job grew more, God knew exactly what I needed to be reminded of - His faithfulness. My current class is "Introduction to the Bible" and as we discussed Exodus thru Judges last night, we discussed and reflected on God's faithfulness and grace. As my mind was filled with humble adoration of our Heavenly Father, I drove home remembering the many times that God has been faithful and shown grace to me in my life. The tears flowed as my thankfulness overwhelmed me. I repented of relying on my own understanding and accepted that nothing is impossible with God.

My professor shared this story of when he was pastoring a church:

A young woman came to him after finding out that she was pregnant from a one night stand mistake. This woman was a member of the church and the church congregation had paid her way to attend a Christian college. He took her to tell her mother and they decided together that the next Sunday, she would admit her mistake to the congregation because of their financial involvement with her college. The pastor was fired up and ready with quick responses for what may be said to this young woman as she approached the front of the church. She explained the situation through tears, asked for forgiveness and offered to repay every cent that had been given to her for college. The room fell silent for just one moment until a man stood and told her that she must not worry about money, he would pay for all her medical expenses to have the child. The next man stood and told her that if she would meet him at the car dealership in the morning, he would get her reliable transportation for the doctor visits. The next stood and offered to purchase clothes for the baby and on and on it went. He stood speechless of the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit's presence shown by the grace that was given.


What God shows to us - we must show to others.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ

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