Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Would you agree that our lives are a series of transitions? Well, I've got another transition on the horizon. I started a daycare in our home almost 12 years ago. When we moved to Fairbury, I was concerned about what I would do if I couldn't find new daycare children. Fortunately, two of my families decided to make the extra drive over and stayed with me. After advertising since March, I still have no additional families and now have made the very difficult decision to find a new job. Now, the only thing holding me back is actually finding a job! This is a bad point in the economy to decide to find a job, but I will continue to trust that God will put me exactly where He wants me.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers. After always being home for my hubby and kids, me going back out into the workforce will be a huge transition for us all. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't nervous but again, I will make the choice to continue to rely on the strength of God to push forward.

Have a great day!

Living fearlessly in Christ

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