Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus is making his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Before He can ride in on a donkey, he asks two disciples to go and get one. Not to go and buy a donkey or ask someone to borrow their donkey but Jesus tells them to go into town and that they will immediately see a donkey and colt tied up and they are to untie them and bring them to Him. If anyone asks - tell them that the Lord has need of them. Period. No more explaining. They immediately left and everything happened just as He had said.

I wonder if the two disciples that were sent for the donkey wanted to ask Jesus more questions. Were they wondering what was going to happen if they didn't see a donkey and colt tied up? Or what if the owners wouldn't let them take the donkey and colt for the Lord? All kinds of what-if's could have been running through their minds but it did not stop them from acting. They immediately obeyed.

What about you and me? Do we immediately obey even when we may not understand fully? Do we obey when the what-if's become overwhelming? How about when there are so many more questions that we have for God that have not been answered?

I have many questions, doubt and wonder as I continue on my search for a new job. I continue to have to remind myself that I have a choice to make each time this new life adventure comes to mind - will I trust God or not.

The 2 disciples choice was to trust and obey. What is your choice, today?

Living fearlessly in Christ

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