Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Matthew 21:12-17 Jesus clears the temple by flipping the tables and chairs of those who were selling. He was not angry for them merely buying and selling in the temple but because the sellers were being dishonest in their efforts. Since many travelers came to the temple to worship, the sellers and money changers took advantage of them by selling them sacrificial animals for high prices and exchanging money for high exchange rates. This angered Jesus as this went against what the temple was created for (worship of God) and how His worshippers were being scammed. Him being angry was not a sin. It was an example to us of the right reason to be angry - when others are being taken advantage of and hindered from worship of God. Rightful anger is not self serving but seeks to aid others.

What makes you angry? Is it the frustration of not getting your own way, or by the words and actions of others towards you? I can say a BIG yes to those questions but God tells us not to sin with our anger. It is time to forgive those that need forgiveness and let go what needs to be let go. Like in Jesus' example, there are certain situations that should cause righteous anger but for the most part, we need to just get over ourselves!

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Living fearlessly in Christ

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