Thursday, June 11, 2009

For my current speech class, one of my assignments is to do speaker critiques. I have done some in-person and also been watching some on youtube. The other day, I listened to a sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church.

One sentence that Pastor Driscoll spoke really stuck out to me:

"We don't need self-esteem, we need identity in Christ."

Wow! I stopped dead in my tracks as I realized how true that is. With the God of the universe as our Father - with the Creator of all things as our Savior and with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us - why do we need people to build us up? Why do we use a low self-esteem as an excuse as to why we can't serve or be who God wants us to be? Why are we reading self-help books on how to raise our self-esteem? The answer to all our self-esteem issues can be found in truly realizing who we are in Christ! As Christians, we are His chosen people. God chose YOU to be His child. Let me say it again - God chose YOU! What more of a confidence booster do you need?!

It is time to realize who we are as daughters and sons of the King and use that realization to serve Him with all we do, say and think.

Have a great day knowing who and Whose you are.

Living fearlessly in Christ

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