Thursday, March 5, 2009

As I study the book of Malachi, I've noticed, each time Malachi confronts people with their sins, they come back with "how is that"? How could we be doing that?

I know many times that I have justified my sin because it's what I want to do. When I am confronted about it, my defense begins with each justification that has already went through my brain and maybe a few more I can come up with on the spot. Sometimes, I actually have convinced myself that I'm really not doing anything wrong.

It normally doesn't hit me until I have time to reflect on the confrontation or conviction from God. Then, I have a choice to make. Will I continue to do what I want, knowing that it is wrong or do I practice what I preach and confess my sin and repent.

Now, don't get me wrong - I totally understand that it is not always so cut and dried. Stopping a sin that we love so much is a very difficult thing to do.

Looking back over my life, I actually wish that I would have been confronted more by loving Christians. I wonder if I would have made the choice to stop specific sins sooner if someone had brought them to my attention. This actually gives me more strength to lovingly confront others when I see them acting against God. I would want the same for myself.

Here's the commentary from my Bible for 3:13-15 - it pretty much sums it up. "These verses describe the people's arrogant attitude toward God. When we ask, "What good does it do to serve God?" we are really asking, "What good does it do for me?" Our focus is selfish. Our real question should be, "What good does it do for God?" We must serve God just because He is God and deserves to be served."

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Living fearlessly in Christ

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