Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good morning, yall! I hope you had the opportunity to look up this morning. The sky was so clear that I felt like I saw more stars than I ever have before. It was breath taking and a great reminder of how big our God is.

As parents, new to having a Jr. High student, Mike and I got to do something we haven't done before last night. After watching our daughter in the 7th grade basketball game (they won again - yea!), we ran the concession stand during the 8th grade game. At first, I was a little nervous about this adventure since I have seen how long the lines can get at the consessions. Would I make a mistake? Would I give back the wrong amount of change? Would people get mad if I wasn't fast enough? Well, it turned out to be a very fun experience and I can't wait until it is our turn again. My husband rolled his eyes when I told him how much fun I had talking to people as I passed out sandwiches, popcorn, candy and drinks. I enjoyed the fast pace of it all and using my brain to give totals and make change. (You'd understand if you stayed home with children all day, too)

Since his job calls for him to serve people all day long, count money and give out product - he felt like he was back at work. It wasn't exciting for him. It wasn't fun for him. His perspective was totally different than mine.

This example is no different than living in our everyday lives. It's our perspective that determines how we look at serving God in the different opportunities He gives us.

Will you miss opportunities because they seem old hat or inconvenient or will you excitedly seek every way that you can serve God today?

It is your choice.

Have a great day

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