Thursday, October 2, 2008

I had 2, three year olds comparing who had better books this morning. Here's the way the convesation went:
I have "Bears on Wheels"
Well, I have "Green Eggs and Ham"
Well, I have "Green Eggs and Hamburger Bible" and it's a big one!!!!
This is one translation I haven't heard of!!!!!

Do you ever struggle with being content? Do you ever feel like you are always in a quest for more? Have there been people around you that have told you "nothing is ever good enough for you"? What would it take to truly make you happy?

This has been a struggle for me and many others that I have spoke with. Contentment was a topic that I spoke about at last weekends women's retreat.

I had spent my life always seeking more. I lived saying "when _____ happens then I'll be happy." I was content, until.......

It wasn't until I was completely broken and alone that I finally realized that God is enough. I encourage you to consider this question: If I lost everything, would God be enough?

I thought I could say yes, but it wasn't until I was actually put in the situation of not knowing what was going to happen with everything important to me that I realized all I truly had was God. I was depressed, discouraged, alone and wondering how I ever let myself get where I was. It was God that stood by me, it was Him who pulled me from the pit, it was Him who never left me but continously poured His love over me.

God is the One person that we can always rely on. He is the only One who will always keep His promises. He is the One who will love us no matter what we do.


He will provide abundant life when we learn to be content - truly content with more of Him instead of more of what this world can give.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Him

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