Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are reading "The Purpose Driven Life" in our Bible study group and as we read and discussed chapter 33 last night, I was struck by the simplicity of serving God. The chapter begins: "We serve God by serving others." Period - it's that simple - we serve God by serving others.

We discussed how we sometimes serve others without even realizing it. Myself and another person in our group, have a daycare in our homes. We serve God by serving children and their parents. Another, served insurance policyholders at her job. We concluded that we serve our families, our co-workers, our friends and sometimes those we don't know. One person shared a story of how she watched an elderly woman slowly come into the hospital with a walker and sat down to rest. She noticed the woman watching and smiling at her 3 month old granddaughter, so she brought her over for the woman to play with. Just a small gesture caused great enjoyment for this elderly woman. She served God by serving this woman.

Serving God isn't always doing something huge that others around you will notice, but just loving on those around you. Jesus can shine in us through the smallest of gestures. A hug, a caring heart, a listening ear, a reassuring smile, a pat on the back - a God's servants we must pay attention to the needs of others. Ask God to help you see what is needed.

Have a great day keeping your eyes open

Living fearlessly in Christ

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