Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday all my bloggy friends!!! I hope you are ready to be encouraged and inspired by God's Word as we begin our journey through the book of James.

As I was reading the intro in my Bible to James, something really stuck out at me. "Jesus is the answer!..."Believe in God"..."Follow me to church!"... Christians make great claims but are often guilty of belying them with their actions. Professing to trust God and to be His people, they cling tightly to the world and its values. Possessing all the right answers, they contradict the gospel with their lives."

Ouch, ouch and OUCH!

How true and could be said of us all at one time or another.

The book of James is written by James, who is Jesus' brother and a leader in the Jerusalem church. He has a great desire to teach right Christian behavior and to expose hypocritical practices.

As I began to read - I got stuck on verse 1, so that's where we'll stay for today.

James starts off by introducing himself as a bond-servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Bond-servant: servant, slave. One bound to service without remuneration

Are you a bond-servant of the Lord? Are you willing to submit to God's will, no matter what it may be? Are you willing to give yourselves totally to Him?

I believe that God so desires to hear those sweet words from the mouths and hearts of His children. Just like Mary, when the angel came to tell her that she would carry the Son of God in her womb - "Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word."

May it be done to me according to your word. No matter how scary - Can you say it? Can you really mean it? Will you choose to overcome the fear of going far from your comfort zone?

Will you choose to trust God today? Will you choose to be His bond-servant? Or will you please satan by holding on to your fears?

It's your choice - it's up to you. Say yes and let God do the rest.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly

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