Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I fogot to add another reason why I had such a good time in Detroit - I didn't have a headache!! Once the farmers get into the field for harvest, I pretty much have a continuous headache until after they are done. I have lived on Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Mucinex for the last 2 weeks. Amazingly, about half way between Chenoa and Detroit, my headache dissapeared and stayed gone until we hit that same place on our way home. It was a sweet break from the pounding. I was wondering if my family would have an issue with me living in another state during harvest season but afraid of their answer, I thought I better not ask. I wouldn't want them to enjoy it so much that they never wanted me to return!! :)

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when you are confused? (yes, I can read your mind so stop thinking that it is a normal place for me! - not nice!!!) You think that God is prompting you to do something but it is something that brings you out of your comfort zone or that you are afraid of? You want to make sure that it is God's will so you continue to pray and you continue to received affirmations, but you still continue to wait. Well, this is a place that I've been for about a month. I have had other instances where God has called me to do something scary and I put it off for years, but not this time! I have watched His faithfulness in my life and I trust His will for me. So here goes........

God has been prompting me to learn more about His Word. I have looked into several different options, I have prayed, I have thought, I have discussed with my husband and we have come to the conclusion that I will take some online, undergraduate classes to receive a Bible Studies Certificate.

Even though, obeying God brings excitement to me, I also am afraid. How will this affect time with my family - my speaking and writing - and how will I ever fit everything into my schedule? This is where faith comes in - this is where trust comes in - this is where I will rely on my God to carry me. (Please remind me of this in the future when I need to hear it!)

I ask that you will be in prayer for my family and I as we are obedient to this calling.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ

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