Friday, July 10, 2009

I went on a bike ride last night - it was so exciting because I haven't rode my bike in many years. In fact, it had been so long since Mike and I had functioning bicycles that the base of the baby seat was still on Mike's bike! (Our kids are 13 and 11) It was so cool because I was at WalMart yesterday and thought about how much I've been wanting to ride my bike so I bought the needed tire tubes and the BIG granny seat. Later that evening, we had some friends call and ask if we would want to get some exercise with them outside. We jumped at the opportunity and after Mike got the tires and seat ready, we brushed the dirt and cobwebs off and headed out. My old bike seat was not comfortable (really hurt the old back side) and so in the past I hadn't been able to ride very long but we rode for about an hour last night with my granny seat and it was wonderful! Yippeee - this may just become a daily occurrence. Fun and exercise - I never thought I'd put those two words together!

Have a great day and a great weekend!

Living fearlessly in Christ

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