Monday, July 20, 2009

Good morning my bloggy friends! Thank you - thank you for praying over our first young adult cook out on Friday. It was so much fun and we got to know people that we normally only get to say "hi" to at church. We had 15 adults and about 20 kids. We were all very thankful that we were able to be outside where the kids could run and play. Will all those kids, I thought we did pretty good to only have one with a bloody nose and fat lip! The fellowship was great and many are interested in continuing to get together and do life together. I just love the way God orchestrates His plan through us who are so unworthy to do anything for Him.

Saturday was spent cleaning up from the night before and then homework, homework, and more homework. By the grace of God, I was able to get it all done and then be able to enjoy the rest of my weekend. We then spent the evening with my husband's family.

On Sunday we went to church in LeRoy because my little sister and her hubby were home from Detroit MI and we wanted to spend as much time with them before they left Sunday afternoon. We had a great visit and even took some photos together before they left. (I'll have to post them later because the camera/computer cord is in my sleeping daughters bedroom). We then came home for a bike ride and dinner with friends.

Aaaahhhh - another wonderfully blessed weekend spent with friends and family. I am ready for a new week! Hope you had a great one too!

Living fearlessly in Christ

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