Monday, January 26, 2009

I hope, I mean really hope, that someone took me up on the challenge from Friday. If you did, please post a comment to let me know how specifically watching for God, impacted your life.

Over the weekend, we went to Indiana to visit with our friends. Oh, what fun we had! You may not believe this, but I learned how to play guitar, bass, drums and sing in two days!! :) I was officially a "Rock Band" rock star! Check out the pics:Christie on bass Christie on guitar
Singing "Eye of the Tiger" Boy, by the look on my face, it must take more concentration to play drums. I do have to say, they were my favorite. Anyway I can release tension by hitting something works well for me!
I also met three new friends. From the left, Deb, Laura and Christie. Oh what fun these women are! I'll definitely be going back soon to hang with them some more. Here's my boy, playing behind his back. He amazes me with his video game talent!
Last, but not least, my girlfriend, Carol, getting a 100% on singing. You go, girl!! :)
Sunday we went to church with them at Church Alive ( What an amazing experience of worshipping with song and Word. I was so touched during the service by the presence of God. Our friends had shared with us some hardships that they were enduring and during the service, the preacher called out their names and assured them that they were "going through the fire" for a purpose. What a word from God!!
We headed home and then attended the community worship at Fairbury High School, featuring Asher ( a local band including our friend Dan Ucherek on drums) and local pastors. It was a wonderful service!
WOW!! Whew! What a great time we had. I'm pumped and ready for a new week!
Have a great day
Living fearlessly in Christ

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