Monday, January 21, 2008

Recently, I sent out a newsletter about Awaken the Heart Ministries in 2007 to various people. When I got to church yesterday, I was approached by a woman that I had sent one to. She asked if she could volunteer to help with any aspect of the ministry. She was so excited about how God was working and wanted to be involved with it. I have to admit, I was floored. Her encouragement went along way with me. I've shared before, that it is so easy for me to fall into the "pity party" trap or I like how my Mississippi friend called it the "nobody likes me, everybody hates me" syndrome. To have someone who is excited about the ministry and willing to help is such a blessing from God. I love how He provides everything I need. He is so good!

I was also reading today over all the miracles that Jesus performed that are listed in the Bible. He performed miracles in so many different aspects of people's lives. It was a great reminder to me that He can do anything - even the impossible. If my focus is on this - my faith would be great.
Have a great day

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