Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As I look back over my adult life, I see that I have always been asking for more to make me happy. During my 12 to 14 hour days of trying to finish up beauty school, I told myself that I would be happy when I was done and could get a job. When I did get a job and didn't make very much money, I told myself that I'd be happy when I got a new job that made more money. I did get a new job but wasn't satisfied for very long until I wanted more. When my husband lost his job and we went months on one income and not able to pay our bills, I would be happy when we could pay our bills. When we could pay our bills, but we had nothing left over, I would be happy when we had extra money to do extra things. And on and on - I never seem to be satisfied. This is not how God wants me or anyone else to be living. He is enough and when we realize that, we can be truly happy. Our joy comes from knowing that God lives in us and we are saved by our Lord.
"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? For what will a man give in exhange for his soul?" Mark 8:36-37
Is your Jesus enough?

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