Monday, January 14, 2008

I had begun walking each morning last summer and found that the quietness of the morning was such a refreshment for me. I enjoyed this time each day to focus on God and His creation around me. I continued my walks until about a month ago when we had lots of ice and snow. I found myself giving up this time and feeling much more lazy. I was sleeping later, which caused me to have to rush in the morning to get ready for work and have less time of prayer and Bible study. As I felt the laziness, my eating habits were poor and my focus on God seemed to be less while focus on myself was more. For me, other small choices I make in my life greatly affect my spiritual life. As God showed me this again, I got back on track and have began walking again which really makes a big difference in the way I feel. Remember that God wants all aspects of your life to be focused on Him, not just what you choose to let Him in on.

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