Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good morning all! From the weather forcast, sounds like we're looking at 6-10 inches of snow coming today and tonight. My husband and children are really excited, but excessive amounts of the white stuff just doesn't do much for me. With Illinois weather, you really never know what will happen, so I'll believe it when I see it. Wow, I just realized that sounded kind of negative. Someone told me the other day that a negative comment is like saying a prayer to the devil. Ouch.
On a happier note, I will be preparing my post for the She Speaks contest today. The winner will get a scholarship to the conference. I will need to explain why I want to go. I am already excited about the conference because of the amazing things that happened last year when I went. A girl needs some refreshment every now and then and I sure got it. Please be praying for Lysa and her team of readers as they decide who God wants to get the scholarship.
One more thing - I read today in Matthew 20:26-28 about how anyone that wishes to be great must be a servant. Jesus was a servant to all and if we want to follow His example, we must be a servant to all. I want to challenge you today to have a servant's heart and attitude.
Have a great day being obedient to God

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