Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, our girls have done it again! They won their last conference game last night which meant that they were undefeated in conference games. The Prairie Central Jr. High girls basketball team won the conference title. Yea!! We're so excited and proud of them!!

OK, enough excitement - we've got some SERIOUS business to take care of - our tongues. OUCH! This next section in James is about controlling our tongues. Here we go, are you ready?

Gossiping, putting others down, bragging, manipulating, false teaching, exaggerating, complaining, flattering, lying, cursing, angry words, etc. - anything sound familiar to you??!!

The Bible heeds many warnings about what comes out of our mouths. In James 3:1-12, he devotes almost a whole chapter on it.

It talks of how just like a bit in a horses mouth, it controls it's entire body; like a ship's rudder, it controls the entire ship; like a fire, that destroys much; the tongue defiles our entire self.

We cannot control our tongue on our own. We must allow the Holy Spirit to aid us in overcoming this great temptation. I cannot tell you how many times, I have been in the middle of a conversation and felt the strong pang of the Holy Spirit telling me to close my mouth or change the subject. There have been times that I've so desperately wanted to share some juicy information that would fuel a disagreement but again feel that pang of the Holy Spirit to keep it to myself.

Now, I say that I've felt it, I didn't say that I always obey the notion. Many times, I have continue to run my mouth like nothing ever happened. Most times after the situation is over or things have gotten worse because of what I've said, I find myself wishing I had done otherwise.

God has our and others best interest in mind. Even though it would immediately feel so good to say those words that are on the tip of your tongue - it will not later as the Holy Spirit brings conviction to your heart.

Before opening your mouth, ask yourself; "Is what I want to say true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

If the answer is no or I don't know to any of these - keep your mouth shut. You'll thank God for it later.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly


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