Monday, November 10, 2008

Good morning and happy Monday! Just wanted to share a little from my weekend before we get started on our study. When my grandpa died this summer, I took a plant home from his funeral. It was one that will not come back next year, but I planted it in my flower garden anyway. I noticed last week, the beautiful yellow blooms it was producing in November. I can't really explain why, but these blooms were a sign to me of God's faithfulness and that my grandpa was waiting for me in heaven. Even when skies are gray and temperatures are cold, God is blooming all around us. He is faithful and never forsakes us.

On Friday, my daughter decided that it would be great fun to "do" my hair. Here's what she came up with. She dared me to wear this beautiful style more often and in front of people so I'm thinking that it would be most appropriate when her friends are around. She always is telling me how embarrassing I am, so I figure I might as well make her statements true. Do you think it would be too much for one of her basketball games??? :) :)

James 2:14-26 is where we're headed today. Again, because of the length, I will not write it all out for you, but you still need to read it. If we're going to do this study together, you need to read what we are discussing so that you can understand it completely. So, get your Bible out and bring it on over to your computer. I'll wait...........

O.K. now that you have read the Scripture, let's get started. This section is speaking of faith and works. If someone has no clothing and food and you tell them "be full and warmed", it is no good to them. It takes action by providing for them to satisfy their needs. Faith without works is dead.

Now, is it the works that gives us salvation? Absolutely not. The works come as a desire to obey God because of our faith in Him. As a Christ Follower, we want to obey and please God as the Holy Spirit prompts us. We do not work to receive faith but working, as we rely on God, will increase our faith.

Vs. 26 For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

Ask yourself if there is fruit coming from your faith. Are you growing closer to God? Is your faith increasing? Has your attitude, reactions, thought process, or actions changed since you accepted Christ?

These are all good ways to see if your works match up with your faith? What are others seeing in you? I hope faith and works because one without the other leaves you dead.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ


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