Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let todays devotion from "God Calling" speak to your heart -

"Keep close to Me and you shall know the Way because, as I said to My disciples, I am the Way. That is the solution to all earth's problems.

Keep close, very close to Me. Think, act and live in My presence.

How dare any foe touch you, protected by Me! That is the secret of all Power, all Peace, all Purity, all influence, the keeping very near to Me.

Abide in Me. Live in My presence. Rejoice in My love. Thank and praise all the time. Wonders are unfolding."

You ask - "can it really be this easy?" Absolutely! God has made it this easy for His simple-minded children but it is us that try to make it harder than it is. The answer to life's questions: Keep close to your Maker

As I read this devotion this morning, the word purity stuck out at me again. I had just posted about purity on Friday and God has brought it back to mind several times since. When I attended an Apples of Gold class, I learned that a spiritual definition of purity would be: The moral excellence I demonstrate in my life as I consistency do what is right. So, basically doing the right thing, rather than the thing that feels good. Purity involves thoughts, words and actions.

I think that God is and has been teaching me that my purity is a great part of keeping close to Him. When in midst of sin, whether it be in thoughts, words or actions, I am not connected and close to God but when I am consistently making self-controlled choices that please Him, we are close.

Purity is also the process in which you and I will gain trust from people.

In Acts 3:26 it says "God, having raised up His servant, sent Him to you first, to bless you by turning every one of you from your wickedness."

God is not trying to keep you from doing what you want, He wants to bless you for turning from your wickedness. Will your choice for purity, allow God to bless you today??

Have a great day


Kathy said...

'Making self-controlled choices that please Him' was never more evident than during several trying situations at work today. God delighted in us today as he gave us strength to hold our words and actions to ourselves. Serving God and others is certainly a challenge some days. Mike was excellent, by the way, at handling the situation and 'rescuing' me today.

much2ponder said...

Not an easy thing to walk in purity, when it seems I am constantly fighting my flesh, but I have found that through my obedience and making right choices as you is something I can do, maybe not to perfection, but my goal is to be pure at heart and perhaps that will happen as I am pure in my actions and words. Thanks for the reminder.