Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of the books I'm reading for school is "God's Big Picture" by Vaughn Roberts. Vaughn explains how he is amazed by orchestras - so many people, so many instruments but such beautiful sounds when all put together. The orchestra depends on two things - a score, which tells them what notes to play and a conductor, who directs them when to play. If an orchestra didn't have a conductor or score, it would be disastrous.

This is what we humans have done. God is the composer who created this world, and he gave instructions about how we should live; the score He wants us to play. But we ignore them. We would rather play our own notes in our own time. It is hardly surprising that there is no harmony in this world. We desperately need a conductor if we are to begin to play the right notes again.

Jesus is both the composer and the conductor. He has come to restore order. He wants to change the ugly discord of our lives and our world into the beautiful music they were designed to make: a symphony of praise to the Creator.

I could totally relate to this analogy. I really made sense. How about you - can you see how following Christ can make harmony in your life?

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Living fearlessly in Christ

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