Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I don't even have to ask the question "have you been hurt by a friend or loved one?" because I already know the answer. We live in a world full of sin and we are selfish, sinful people, which is why we all get hurt at times.

Over the past couple days, I have been reading in the 26th chapter of Matthew verses 14-35. 2 things really stuck out to me:

1. Jesus was very open and clear when He told the disciples that Judas would betray Him and that Peter would disown Him.

2. Although, Jesus knew what these 2 men were going to do, He still made the choice to fellowship with them and continue to teach them.

Jesus was a very loving, kind and compassionate man but He was also a straight-shooter. He did not hide behind a mask or sugar coat what needed to be said. He laid issues on the table, so people could either repent and change or reject His teaching.

He was rejected, mocked, betrayed, deserted, and hated but He didn't respond in those ways.

He was focused on His mission. He wanted to please and obey His Father.

I want to be so focused on my mission from God that my reaction to others mirrors His.

Jesus' example to us to follow when we are hurt by others - love them.

Jesus didn't throw Judas and Peter out of the disciples group because of what they were going to do - He continued to love them and teach them. We should do the same.

Man, that's a tough one to follow but regardless of the difficulty, we are to follow the example of Christ and through His power, we can prevail.

Living fearlessly in Christ

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