Monday, September 14, 2009

Last week I wrote my 500th post on this blog. As I look back over the last 500 posts, I am amazed at all God has taught me. In somethings, I've learned my lesson easily but others have taken me time and time again. I was taught another very valuable lesson over the weekend.

Our son loves to skateboard. At home, he has constructed all kinds of different ramps and bars to practice his different tricks on. We heard that there was a skate park in Pontiac and he was so excited to go. As we mentioned this to some of our friends, we were told not to go to the skate park because there were "bad" people there. They said it wasn't safe to be there and we definitely shouldn't take our son there.

As a family, we had stopped by there for a few weeks after church on Sunday to find the place empty and Nate had a great time practicing. Nate had a friend spend the night on Saturday and wanted to take his friend. We headed up to find the whole park full of boys with skateboards and bicycles. Nate and his friend went in and tried to do some boarding but were very intimidated by the presence and talent of these other boys. One boy in particular was doing tricks that I had only seen in the X-games. Like most of the others there, he was tattooed, smoking a cigarette and swearing but seemed to have a kind spirit about him as he talked with the others. I started asking him about how long he had been boarding and told him how talented I thought he was. I noticed his face started to beam. It wasn't long after that I saw him taking Nate and his friend under his wing to help them with their skateboarding. He patiently demonstrated some techniques as they listened and practiced intently. The section they were practicing in soon became full again and they backed off and waited for a break in the action. After a short while, another boy parked his bike right in front of the entrance to the half-pipe so no one else could enter and told Nathan and his friend that they could have it to themselves for awhile. Before we left, my husband talked to and shook the hands of these boys who helped Nate and his friend. It was a heart-warming experience.

I'm so glad that we decided to take our son to the skate park. As we watched, Mike and I realized once again that we are to look at the heart of a man and not his outward appearance. We also realized what a great opportunity we have to show the love of Christ to these boys that we hang with at the skate park.

Praise God for opportunities to serve Him by serving others. I can and do walk right past many opportunities but I'm glad for the prompting to pay attention on Saturday.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ

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