Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good morning - I hope this day finds you well. I am filled with excitement and nervousness. We found and purchased a home. A home that needs lots of work and tlc. My husband and I had made a commitment this year to begin making better financial choices for our family. We are doing much better at making choices for what our family needs instead of always trying to get what we want. This home is exactly what we need but lacks some of our wants. It's a big adjustment, but we have a goal in mind and God is giving us the strength to pursue that goal. Are there any sacrifices or changes of mindset that God has been prompting for you? Like I said, it is not easy, but in the end, God knows what is best for us and gives us just that.

Also, class went good on Monday. It was orientation night and I got each aspect of admissions, finalized. I also received my first homework assignment for next week. Here we go - keep praying!!!

Have a great daya
Living fearlessly in Christ


Kathy said...

Christie, I am so excited for you and your adventure in going back school. God is doing great things through you and I know that YOU will do great!

Christie Todd said...

Thanks so much Kathy. Your encouragment means alot to me and I need as much as I can get! :)