Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good morning and happy Wednesday!! One of my passions in ministry is encouraging others in their marriage. Because my husband and I have worked through some extremely difficult things in our marriage, I know there is hope for every marriage. Have there been times when it didn't feel like there was hope? Absolutely - but we both had to learn that a large part of our marriage is between us and God, not us and the other person. God ordained marriage, which means that He has a purpose and plan for your marriage. It's not God that messes up our marriages, but us. His plan is for each of us to follow and obey Him, which in turn, will make a blessed marriage. Easier said than done - yes - but, still true.

Pontiac Bible Church, Pontiac IL, is showing the movie "Fireproof" on Saturday, February 21. They will be serving dessert at 6:30 and then "Fireproof" at 7:00.

In order to encourage couples to see this life-changing, marriage-changing, movie, I am adding a little catch. For each person that I invite, I am offering free childcare in my home for the evening. There is childcare available at the church, but for those not familiar with the church, I didn't want any excuses for couples not to go.

What are you doing to strengthen your marriage? No matter how good or how bad, your marriage can improve - take it from someone who can testify!!!

What are you doing to help strengthen the marriages of those around you? What an appropriate and much needed way to "love your neighbor".

Not wanting to ramble on too long, I will save my excitement about Ezekiel 3 for tomorrow. Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to watch your kids on Feb. 21, too! Remember though - only if you attend the movie!

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ

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What a great offer!