Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brrrrrr - we are back to winter weather! It's a wonderful 19 degrees outside right now. But irregardless of what the weather is like - we are praising God! My husband's mother is doing great! They were able to remove all the cancer and the surgery went just as expected. Recovery is her only obstacle now and she is pumped and ready for it! Our God is faithful - Our God is good!

In our Bible study, last night, we were discussing what we can learn from listening to our parents. We are finishing up "The purpose driven life" by Rick Warren and read about saving those who are lost. The Holy Spirit put a thought in my mind that I hadn't considered before:

If one of my children were lost, how would I feel?

Even just the thought of it brought panic and tears to my eyes. I would do whatever I needed to, to find them. My heart would ache. My mind would race. I would ask countless people to look for them. I would want those people to do their best at bringing my child back to me.

Then I considered this from God's perspective. His own creations are lost. The people He formed and designed are running from Him. His heart aches wanting a relationship with them. He asks us to share Him with them. He asks us to do our best at sharing what He has done in each of our lives.

Are we responding to God's request as we would want someone to respond to us in finding our lost child or does half-hearted better describe our response?

What are you doing to make a difference in the life of someone who is lost??

Living fearlessly in Christ

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