Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good morning and happy Thursday! We had some really great discussion in our Bible study group last night. Several hot topics have come up over the past few weeks, so we decided to take the time last night to just focus on what the Bible said about the specific topics. We discussed testing vs. temptation, predestination, secured salvation and the Book of Life. Whew!! Now that's alot for one night!!! Luckily, we each had done some research and thinking, beforehand, so there was much to discuss/debate. One conclusion we did come to: when it comes to a very debatable subject - after having the fun of debating those things we don't know for sure, we must focus on what we do know to be true. I enjoy debating subjects from time to time, but if it is a subject that none of us will know the answer to until we reach heaven, there is a time to stop debating and focus on what I know to be true.

I enjoy any subject that causes me and others to dig into the Word. It brought me such joy to see members of our group, searching through their Bible, light bulbs clicking and pondering looks on faces.

Questions are a good thing - especially when those questions prompt you to seek the truth of our God! What have you been wondering about? Take this opportunity to see what God has to say about it!

Have a great day!
Living fearlessly in Christ

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Marge Todd said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am so pround of my children. I am feeling great. I am in very little pain. With my faith, family and friends, I have beaten the cancer without the use of painkillers. The power of prayer is the strongest medicine.