Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good morning all! OK, I have something to admit to you. I realized that I am addicted to my laptop. I love to spend time with it. Yesterday, I couldn't get online and I started to panic. I worked on the router but nothing changed. I called the technical service and spent an hour trying different things - they even had me take the back off of my computer and work on it! You can officially call me an HP computer tech now! Nothing worked, so they want me to ship it to them to be worked on. Ouch! I can't let it go. They said it will be gone for 7-10 days and I'm so sad. Yes, I know - I'm pathetic. Luckily I can still get online on my daughters computer but it's just not the same. So please be understanding as I will be depressed for the next week. My husband is hoping the withdrawl symptoms won't be affecting him.

See, I've always told you that I am more messed up than you!

Have a great day as we are a servant to all

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