Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good morning all! The couple of inches of snow we got last night mixed with the bright sunshine really makes for a beautiful scene outside today. The weather really seems to affect my mood. I have worked harder lately on my moods, especially the bad ones. I have found that when I take inventory of my mood several times a day, I can keep better control of it. I have to take times throughout my day to ask myself if I have the peace of God in me and if the answer is "no" then I stop whatever I am doing to pray and ask God to help me find His peace. This has been very helpful to me in dealing with my daycare children and I'm sure can be helpful to you in whatever situation you are in each day. It is so easy to go over the emotional deep end when many things are piled on you each day, but seeking the joy and peace that only God can give during each one will help you from feeling so overwhelmed.

May you be filled with God's peace this day

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much2ponder said...

Stopping and asking the Lord pour out his peace really does work. Just spoke about this with my daughter last night. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder.