Thursday, December 27, 2007

There are many good times and many bad times that come our way during this crazy thing we call "life". Fortunately, yesterday was one of those good times. I had a wonderful day shopping with my daughter and son. Yes, I even said son. Usually whenever the word shopping comes up, Nathan runs as far and as fast as he can. He came with us yesterday and we all prayed together that we would all be patient with each other and go with a great attitude so that we could enjoy this time together. God answered! Not only were we patient and happy-hearted, but Nathan even picked out and tried on clothes! I couldn't believe it - he hates clothes even more than shopping. So, when we walked up to the check-out at Old Navy and my arms were overflowing with clothes for Nathan, I didn't even blink to write the check. I didn't know if there was enough money in the checkbook, but I wasn't losing this opportunity.

When my husband got off work, he met us at the mall and offered to take Nathan home with him. Elizabeth and I had a couple things to finish up and then we headed home. When I got home, Nathan and Mike both had strange smiles which usually means that something got broke. This time, I was surprised in a good way - my husband and son had not went home from the mall. They had went to the jewelry store and spent the money, Mike had received for Christmas for new tools, and bought me a beautiful new ring. Nathan was so excited to tell me that he was the one who picked it out. What a sweet sacrifice from my husband. When I told him that he should have spent the money on him, he assured me that he did spend the money on what he wanted to spend it on - what made him happy was to spend it on me.

Yes, I do have the most wonderful husband - but his small sacrifice, just reminds me and makes me thankful for the ultimate sacrifice of my Lord and Savior

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