Monday, December 17, 2007

Lots of snow came this weekend and our children are so happy! My husband actually enjoys plowing snow, so it was a good thing for him too. Our church is having a special service for Christmas, so we volunteered to hang door hangers around town to invite people. The snow made it a little more difficult, but also more like an adventure. I have to admit though, that I think my family enjoyed it more because I just couldn't keep my socks on! Each few steps I would take, my socks slid farther and farther down my foot and into the toe of my boots. It became quite uncomfortable after awhile, so I would have to get back in the car periodically to put them back on. The coolest part was that as I walked, I had a woman stop me and tell me how much she appreciated what I was doing. She lived in one of the houses I had hung an invitation on. She told me that she attends church in Bloomington already so she wouldn't be at the service, but that she was so thankful that we were reminding people during the busiest time of year, to remember what it is truy about - Jesus. After that, my focus was no longer on my uncomfortable feet, but on how truly honored I was to make this small sacrifice for my Lord and Savior.

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