Friday, December 21, 2007

I just shared with you the other day, about when I was hanging doorhangers, how God changed my attitude and perception by another person. Well, I got a call this morning from one of my friends who had a great story for me. Last night, she was on an airplane going home and sat down in her seat next to a large man that was very uncomfortable in the middle seat. After a few minutes, he asked her to switch seats with him so he could have the outside seat for some extra room. She agreed and sat down next to a woman in the window seat. She started visiting with her and found that they were both Christians. The had a great conversation which affirmed many things that my friend had been struggling with. When the flight ended, they both were disappointed because there was so much more that they wanted to talk about. As they got up from their seats, the man that had switched seats with my friend, stopped them. He shared that he had been listening to their conversation and wanted to let them know how much it impacted him.

You just never know how your actions and words can impact others - keep your mind focused on Christ so your words and actions will follow.


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