Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been putting together some magazine articles and yesterday was one of those days when the creative side of me just poured out. I love those days, especially when I have an opportunity to write. This is just one advantage of having a daycare in my home, 2 hours of naptime everyday! It's the only time that it is quiet in my house so I can focus. As the children woke up and I put my writing away, the phone rang. It was a local pastor that was going on vacation that needed me to fill the pulpit while he was away. The only thing I love more than writing about how awesome my God is, is talking about how awesome my God is!!! It was a good day!
Something else I'm excited about is my son's school Christmas program tonight. We are so blessed to have a Christian music teacher in his elementary school. I love that he has the children from pre-k through 4th grade singing about the true meaning of Christmas!

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