Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I was reading today in Acts 14 about Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey. What amazes me is how Paul was stoned until thought dead and then dragged out of the city. He then got up and entered the city and then the next day, he traveled some more! I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be stoned, but I would have to think that you would not be ready to travel by the next day. This was Paul's devotion to telling the Good News. He put it above anything else - even the excruciating pain of being stoned. I have to admit that I fall very short of this amount of devotion. It is so easy to make decisions by my feelings and when things are uncomfortable or unconvenient, just avoid the situation. This is not how God has called us to be. Think about it this way - it wasn't comfortable or convenient for Jesus to live on this earth and then to die on a cross for you and for me, but He did it because it was His Father's will.

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