Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't know how many people there are out there like me - I've been told that I'm much stanger than most. But when I feel that sweet impression on my heart that God wants me to do something, I get so excited that I can hardly contain myself! Even when it is something hard that I really don't want to do, I'm excited that God takes time out of sustaining the entire universe to speak to me. How humbling! I have a problem though, I tend to get so excited that I just run with it and forget that I need to do it on God's timeline and not mine. I fell to this again this week. I have been so involved with writing this book proposal before June when I attend the She Speaks Conference that I never even thought about asking God when He wants me to complete it. I got some advice and info from a well published woman this week and as I read all her credintials, I began to really get down on myself and wonder - what in the world am I doing trying to write anything! I didn't have even a quarter of the experience that she had. I gave it all to God and left it at that. I shared yesterday with my husband about what I had been feeling, and once again, his wisdom shone through. He reminded me that out of all the authors I compare myself to, I am the youngest which also means I am the least experienced. How can I compare my experiences with those of someone who has had more years to experience things. Besides, I know the lessons that God has taught me and that He wants me to write this book - what I don't know is exactly when He wants me to do it! I decided when it should be done on my own. Once again, I got in front of God - I'm so glad that God has given me a husband that is so wise and can slow me down a bit when I go crazy. I think that is why God put us together, even though we are so different. It's his job to slow me down and my job to speed him up. Once again - lesson learned.

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