Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good morning and happy Wednesday my bloggy friends. My husband and I were discussing how some people think we are weird because of the decisions we make. Now, this used to bother me but I've considered how many people disagreed with how Jesus lived during His time on this earth. We make decisions to please God and do what is best for our family. In no way am I saying anything we do is right or wrong for you but only for us.

Through some very difficult lessons, God has taught my husband and I to put our family over things of this earth. Because of this, we choose to only work specific hours to allow more time to spend as a family.

Also, through difficult circumstances, God has taught my husband and I that in order for us to have a strong and stable marriage we must take extra effort and time for each other. We frequently choose to go on a date. Finances do not always allow for us to go out on a date so we sometimes just have a date at home to enjoy each other's company.

We also try to make good financial decisions as God wants us to be good stewards of what He has blessed us with. I have to confess that we have made many many bad financial decisions that we still are paying consequences for but as God continues to grow and mature our hearts, we are learning to spend in ways that please Him. We have learned that the first step to making good financial decisions is to give back to God at least a tenth of our gross income.

I am so thankful that God continues to mold and shape each of our hearts as He teaches us His truths.

What is God teaching you? What has He asked you to change in your life? Even though change is difficult, we must always remember - God knows what is best for us even when we don't agree!

People not understanding and being called "weird" isn't so bad, in fact, it connects me even more with Jesus as I know He understands.

Have a great day
Living fearlessly in Christ

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