Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you ever excited and nervous at the same time? I'm feeling that today. Tonight I'm getting together with some girlfriends that I ran around with in high school. I saw a couple of them at a reunion about 6 years ago but some I have not seen since my wedding, 15 years ago. When we were setting up this little reunion, I was so excited but the day is here and I'm feeling quite nervous. Thoughts of: What will they think of me? Will they still like me? I'm 100% different from the girl they last saw, what will they say or wonder about me? keep running through my head. Looking for some encouragement, I asked my husband, "what if they don't like me, anymore?" His response: "they may not". So much for encouragement!

After going through all this in my head, I came to one conclusion: Tonight, I will just be me. If "me" isn't what they are looking for, then it's their choice to make whatever decision they want. I was just talking with someone yesterday about the fact that our worth is not determined by what others think of us, who we are or what we have done but our worth comes from Whose we are. I am a daughter of the Creator and Sustainer of the universe - whom shall I fear?!!!

Thanks for the pep talk - I needed it! :)

Have a great day
Living fearlessly in Christ

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