Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Monday all my bloggy friends! I woke on December 1st to find bundles of snow outside! I notice the power going on and off during the night and heard the snow hitting the windows. It would have been a great morning to stay inside and stay in bed, but I went out at 5 am to help my hubby plow snow. Living in the country is definitely much different than living in town. The drifts in the driveway were tall and there was no way even in 4 wheel drive, my husband could get through them. I also was reprimanded by some daycare parents for moving to the country as they too had to endure these lovely drifted roads.
I hope your Thanksgiving and weekend went as wonderful as mine did. Here's a partial recap:
After enjoying a fun and food filled Thanksgiving, on Friday, we put up our Christmas Tree

Saturday, we spent time with my mom, dad, granny and sister during the day and then went out for supper with my brother and his family. When we returned home, my daughter gave me a hip new hair style. What do you think?
On Sunday, after church, we played, played and played. The dogs didn't know what to think of the snow at first, but soon were having fun right along side of us.
Our ginormous snowman that only stayed upright for about 20 minutes before falling over and going to sleep.

Nate - getting some air on the sled

There will be much more fun to have today as the snow continues. Hope your plans include some fun today too!
Have a great one
Living fearlessly in Christ

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