Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good morning all my bloggy friends! This cold morning brought a beautiful clear sky filled with stars and a full moon. I can't help but worship a God that creates such beauty for us. Nature sure has a way of connecting me with God.

Have you ever decided that keeping your mouth shut is best for all, even when you don't really want to. In some situations, I have found that keeping my mouth closed brings blessings to others.

For instance, my husband is a sports nut, and from the time our daughter and son were born, they have been surrounded by basketballs, footballs and baseballs. In fact, he insisted that they each have them in their cribs at all times. From the time they were old enough to walk, he has played ball with them in the house. Now, I'm sure that you who are "no ball playing in the house" people, are cringing, just like I did for many years. I fought with him for years over this unacceptable behavior, but he never gave in. One day, it hit me - sports is his connector to his children. They love playing with him whether inside or out. It's their bond - it's their connection. Even though it has caused me to lose some breakables of mine, how could I have asked him to stop enjoying this with his children. Now, our dining room is our basketball court. It's an open, empty room with hard wood floors which is perfect for some good ol' bonding time. There's no hoop, but the rule is that if you hit the ball between the ceiling and the top of the door trim, you've made a point. Houses and breakables can all be replaced, but the connection between a father and his children is priceless.

Also, the other day, I went into a local store to purchase some Christmas gifts. I'm a clearance girl, so as soon as I saw the beautiful clearance sign, I ran for it. On top of the rack of clothes, it said "Clearance - 40% off - markdown taken at register". Whooo Hooo - I had hit the jackpot! I scooped up my purchases and went to the counter. As I noticed that the clerk was ringing them up for only 25% off, I let her know what the sign said. She explained that the sign must have been there by mistake and they were only 25% off. I could feel the disagreement building up inside me and I must have looked it, because she called the manager over to confirm with him. I explained again what the sign said and he confirmed that it was a mistake and I could only have 25% off. The thoughts in my mind were going something like this: "False advertising!", "The customer is always right", "I should get what they sign says and then they can take it down.", "I want what I want!!". But then I stopped and asked myself, "is this worth it? Is this a fight worth fighting?" - the answer- absolutely not! Thank God, my mouth stayed shut - I paid the total, smiled and walked out.

Keeping our mouth shut is definitely not always an easy thing to do. I pray that you and I can do better at deciding what is worth it and what is not. I pray that we will see things in God's perspective instead of our own. When situations arise today, take the time to ask God if your mouth should be open or closed.

I won't be blogging tomorrow as I will be leaving early for my appointment with my advisor at Lincoln Christian College. Please be praying for me as I complete all the necessities to get started in February and that as God has lead me, he will also provide the financials to get me there.

So, have a great day and a great weekend

Living fearlessly in Christ
Christie :)

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