Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just an update: the "destruction team" is doing quite well. I have holes in my landscaping rocks, in my mulch and in the yard. My petunias got pulled yesterday and as you can see below, the cat and the kids just love them.

Who wanted these dogs, again?????

The 21st chapter of Acts brings more action into Paul's life. Others attempt to convince Paul that he should not return to Jerusalem because of their fear for what will happen to him. Again, just like in the previous chapter, he tells them that he is willing to endure anything for the sake of Christ.

You go, Paul!!!

In verses 27-36, Paul is in Jerusalem and causes a great uproar among the people who wanted him dead. He was apprehended and due to the violence of the crowd, had to be carried by the soldiers.

Coming into the barracks, he asked the soldier if he could speak to the people. He was given permission, stood on the steps to address the people and began speaking in the Hebrew he said:......

Oh no! We have to wait until chapter 22 to find out what he said to these people who were shouting "Away with him!!"

Think about what your response might be - what would you want to say to these people who want you dead - we'll see tomorrow if it is the same as Paul's.

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